We strive to provide real workforce solutions on a simple principle – at the right time, in the right place, an employee for the right price!

We offer the possibility of hiring employees – administration, accounting of salaries and other expenses, in accordance with the legislation.
Your benefit – The execution of the necessary work at your facility is ensured, and a team of employees that can easily be dismissed without reducing the number of employees is created.
Ability to quickly and conveniently attract employees for your needs, for construction and engineering network assembly work.

General work.

We offer a wide range of specialists, starting from a simple assistant, to a certified specialist.


We offer experienced and fully qualified electricians and fitters.

HVAC technicians.

We offer heating, ventilation, and water drainage services.


Immediate staffing solutions – as the industry’s staffing supplier, we know that you need staffing right now, and we are ready to supply the right, experienced and qualified staff at the right price.