Electrical installation

• Electricians services, including entering service agreements;
• Marking of cable tracks, cable transport;
• Assembly of cable networks;
• Assembly of sockets and switches;
• Electrical installation work, both in private residences, and large-scale industrial and public buildings;
• Assembly of control systems, installation of motion detectors;
• Installation of electrical distribution cabinets;
• Installation and connection of electrical supply appliances and supply fixtures;
• Electrical heating of floors and water pipes;
• Purchase and supply of material electrical appliances and electrical equipment according to contract;
• All types of low current systems;
• Connection of electrical consumers;
• Per clients request we install, program and provide computerized control for voltage systems;
• Installation of lightning conductors.

Low current systems

• Security alarms;
• Fire alarms;
• IT connections;
• Wireless connections;
• Phone networks;
• Video surveillance connections;
• Intercom networks.

Construction worker involvement

• All types of construction work in Latvia and beyond;
• Replacement of building structures;
• Construction of roof structures, internal and external finishing work, landscaping;
• Heating, ventilation, water drainage.

Scientific research

• Collaboration with research and educational institutions, both in the fields of research and practice.


• General construction work estimate;
• Engineering network construction estimate.


• Internal and external engineering networks and architectural design work.